How to know and how to act if a scam occurs
I was reading some websites (competitors) because, there are always something to learn. I mean, finding good things. But, all of a sudden I found a section at Chance.... website that is dedicated to scams, scammers, and agency scams. We used to be, and from our part we still are good competitors, including linking each other in the past. But, we are a bigger agency, and "all of a sudden" they have several reports of scam activities in our site. Dirty job. Too low to fall. So we wonder why:
1.- A site dedicated to dating is an authority for scammers issues. It can't be.
2.- Law at the Internet, is at the beginning, if it happens in the real world, our lawyers would ask why.
3.- Several reports, but to see them you have to register, give them your email and information (so they can contact you to sell services... :-) )well... makes me laugh if it is a marketing technique.
4.- It seems to be that all sites... I mean .. several hundreds of websites are the bad sites, except...guess who is not a bad site! Yes, you are right. Dirty!
5.-Why, and ask this question to yourself, would you post a possible scam issue at other site dedicated to the same business? God's site? ;-)
A lot to write about this but I personally feel some kind of sympathy.
There are many good practices to find a scammer, to reveal the truth than posting in a dating site ..or why not, in an anti scammers site that personally recommends... cough! other dating sites???? Well....This world seems to go crazy, if someone can believe a word. Of course, and there's no doubt there are interest! behind. And you, and your money are finally what they want. Other way, they are grandsons of Robin Hood, although grandpa Robin would not sell advertisement recommendations, or asking for your email address.
After this explanation that you may understand, because it's so obvious, let me introduce you to real good practices.
And you will see what we mean when saying "good authentic, anti fraud practices" without the needing of mention any dating agency. We want the best for every effort to join people, made by honest people.
Your thoughts are what really matters.
America is the land of freedom, because we are free to think, we are informed, and we are free to decide!
Now, our article of today.
How to know and how to act if a scam occurs
We all know this can happen. As we say all around the site, agencies saying they have no scam issues, are simply lying to you. No one is free of that.
Let's think you are going to a blind date, it happened to you. She was terrific, last you get terrified! Yes, it happens.
First of all, no paranoia. What may seems to be a scam, mostly can be an afraid girl. Always think positive, and you know, you are older, time goes by, you want her now. But she is young, and does not feel the same about time. She can not have (yet) that feeling of ten years going by in a snap!
But, as we said, scams happens.
What to do, if you are almost sure:
Never send money (even if you think she is not a scammer, NEVER, remember). Immediately contact us. Login and ask for support, an expert will help you find the answer for free. But we can understand what you are thinking now... the girl is in our database, and perhaps we can say ..No, she's not a scammer. It won't happen. We are much worried about scam than you can be. It's our business and it's based in trust from our customers, so scams are the worst thing that can happen to us.
Let me tell you, that more than 90 % of scam reports, are not real. Some kind of men, when the girl does not want to contact him anymore and asks to ban someone emails, always think the same. She's a scammer!, and she is not, she does not like the man. If it happens to you after emailing a girls two or three times, you simply do not email her anymore, and she won't say you were scamming. Sometimes, things are what they are. No excuses.
So, before thinking about a scam you can ask us for free. Or like I was saying, there are third party services, not for free that will impartially tell you anything you want to know. A Google or Yahoo! search is enough to find detectives, send her flowers with delivery picture etc.
Try our anti scam service, or a third party service before saying that an honest girl is a scammer. Do not break her dreams. . She may be a good girl, and you can find the right solution, or the right thing to do.
We are here.
As always thank you for your trust in our service.
Good practices while dating. A MUST read! This will save you time... and money!
Read Carefully, to understand how this works.
When you sign up and register in our website, you are immediately part of a men database accessed from agencies located in Russia and other ex USSR former countries. This agencies have a big database of Girls and women that are for real. Those agencies charge us for every email read by you, and so, we charge you.
Attention. You may receive lots of emails. You do not have the obligation of answering them. It's your choice, and we highly recommend that you search for the girl you want and write to her after reading her profile. Remember that answering, costs you a credit.
Stay safe.
Remember to predict a scam before it happens.
Do not send money. No matter what's happening. You're dating not making charity.
No money. Remember that. Always.
Support team will be glad to help you. You can contact support from your account. An answer will be delivered asap.

Our Real Time video Chat service, will help you. No scams!

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